Grown Organically...

Zogz was originally born out of the requirements of its founders in search of a tailored e-commerce solution to build their buying and selling business on.

Since then it's grown into a versatile platform capable of integrating with many third party systems over a multitude of business sectors and is constantly growing.

Those original founders are now clients of Zogz and still use the platform to this day. Because of this we really do understand what's required to create a scalable and adaptable solution.

We build, test and deploy solutions constantly as various industries move forward, so you get the latest technology to help automate and manage your business leaving you time to focus on the important parts.

It's All About You...

We pride ourselves on our building solid relationships with our clients, after all, launching a new project is just the beginning. As your business evolves and adapts to ever changing markets so should your solution, we want to be there every step of the way to help your business grow.


A talented and friendly team with a 'can do' approach to every project with over 30 years combined experience, Zogz has a tight-knit team who really know how to work with each other. We genuinely get excited about every new project and take a highly professional approach from project conception all the way to live deployment. We're always striving to better ourselves via training courses and attending key notes and conferences for technology and industry sectors

Solutions For All Business Sectors.

We don't limit ourselves to any one business sector, we've dealt in e-commerce, logistics, recruitment and automotive industries to name but a few and we're always looking for excuses to expand our platform further.


We work with start-up businesses through to global organisations.