APAC is a major importer and distributor to the florist, wedding, party and horticultural trades. They deal exclusively with wholesalers and large multiple retailers. They currently have around 8000 product lines in their product range.

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February 2018


Web Design & Build
ERP Integration
WMS Integration
Content Management


APAC required a modern, mobile friendly website to showcase their products, but only allow approved trade accounts to view prices and place orders. In addition a very detailed integration was required into their back office systems (Caliq) to ensure that accurate information was displayed online for their customers.

Detailed requirements included

  • Product information (but not pictures) to be uploaded automatically to the website when they are entered into the back-office system. This is to save retyping the products onto the site.
  • Customer accounts to be setup automatically on the website, when they are setup in the back-office system.
  • A way for new accounts to apply for online, with an approval process allowing management to review new account applications.
  • Pricing to be linked to their back-office system, and any price changes reflected online.
  • A multi-tiered pricing structure was required.
  • The ability to set specific prices to a customer, again controlled by their back-office system.
  • The ability to set sale prices in the back office system and have these reflected online.
  • Once logged into their account the customer would see the correct prices for their account.
  • Show a customers backorders on the website, once a customer is logged into their account and providing warnings in the shopping cart if a customer is ordering an item that they already have on backorder.
  • Allow a customer to view their full order history online including orders that are placed through other methods such as by phone.
  • Allow customers to download orders and invoices into csv format.
  • Show accurate stock levels online - linked to back-office system.
  • If an item is out of stock show future delivery dates online - linked to back-office system.
  • Import orders placed online automatically into the back-office systems to save re-typing.
  • A way to create on-the-fly content managed pages with grouping new product ranges.


Working closely with APAC's ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) providers Caliq, we were able to interface into their system to meet the back-office data synchronisation requirements. Further to this we developed a new CMS system to allow them to add as many pages ad-hoc as they require. This packaged together in a functional yet modern design has yielded great results.



Looks and works great on all devices, so customers can manage their account and orders on the go


Tightly integrated with the Caliq ERP system for near instant stock levels, invoices and prices


All Zogz e-commerce builds come with SEO enhancements as standard

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