We're Hiring!

27 Mar 2020

By Anthony Armstrong

Salary: £32,000 to £42,000 - Depending on experience.

If you're looking for a new opporunity where decisions are made as a team and use of new technologies is encouraged then this could be the role for you...

We are a digital agency who specialise in e-commerce websites and integrations. We have a fresh, forwarding thinking development team who operate out of modern offices based in Rothley, Leicester.

The ideal candidate will have knowledge primarily of back-end technologies such as PHP, MySQL Apache and CentOS (LAMP) but also working knowledge of front-end technologies such as LESS, SASS, Foundation, Bootstrap and Gulp.

You will have a real aptitude for learning and will frequently suggest ways to implement new features and improve legacy code and workflow. The role will involve taking projects from brief through to live products, helping with the design and structure as well as back-end development across a range of websites and systems. You must be self motivated, enthusiastic and confident enough to try new ideas but understand the reality of them with an appreciation for any technical implications.

As well as creation of new websites, the range of work will involve maintaining both legacy and more modern websites as well as re-factoring legacy code into newer frameworks such as Laravel 5. A large part of the role will also be maintaining and integrating with various API’s across different sectors. Experience with modern technologies such as AWS, CI piplines, PHP7 and microservices architecture would be a real bonus as this is the direction our stack is taking.

In return we offer a competitive salary, a brand new office environment and a brand new MacBook Pro or Windows equivalent laptop. This is an exciting opportunity for a motivated and organised individual who has experience to really hone their skills and help shape the future of the company.

Essentials Skills:

  • PHP 5.6 (OOP)
  • Experience with MVC frameworks (preferably Laravel 5.1)
  • MySQL and Relational Database Design
  • Version Control (GIT)
  • JavaScript/jQuery

Desirable Skills:

  • Unix Command Line
  • Design patterns i.e. Active Record, Front Controller etc.
  • Advanced JavaScript/jQuery/Angular (plugins, prototypal inheritance, module pattern, TypeScript)
  • Vagrant
  • Front-end Frameworks (Foundation 6, Bootstrap 3)
  • Front-end eco systems (Gulp, Grunt, Bower etc)
  • AWS
  • PHP7
  • CI Pipelines
  • Angular
  • Microservices Architecture
  • Testing (e2e, pen-testing, unit testing)

If this sounds like the right fit for you, get in touch by filling out our enquiry form in the footer below or e-mailing your CV to anthony@zogz.co.uk. Alternatively, give us a call on 0845 0943 222, we would love to have a chat!